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Don't wait! The State is building their case!
The Poehl Law Firm is a Texas licensed full service law firm, emphasizing
criminal defense, serving clients in the Galveston, Harris, and Brazoria
county areas.
Dedicated to providing clients with curious, communicative, and effective
legal representation, the Poehl Law Firm has earned a reputation as one
of Galveston and Houston's most effective law firms. We have a solid
record of court room success and a willingness to defend our clients
through every step of the case, by forming a true partnership with our
clients, our singular focus is to win your case, through principle and
ethical practice of law.
If you have recently been arrested, prosecutors are building their case
against you. By waiting to begin  your defense you may be wasting
valuable time. Contact us today, your consultation is free!
Our firm is headed by a former Assistant Criminal District Attorney.

We have an impeccable courtroom record from both sides, prosecution and

We offer competitive pricing and payment plans.
The best offense is a GREAT defense!!
We are here to help you!
The best offense is
a great defense!